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Founded in February of 2012, the website was created to be a "single portal" of active African American Newspaper Links throughout the United States.


We are dedicated to maintaining that historical "community feel" of these newspapers as an Internet component. Just click on one of the three "Newspaper Link" buttons, to find a particular Newspaper from your state or browse for others. Have a Blessed Day!





Our vision for is to not only serve the national African American community in the readership of these newspapers but to also provide a "Social Media" extension in the dissemination of information . . .in one place!


We want the responsibility of being an entrusted resource of African American news providers by presenting you with a conglomerate of facts, commentaries and other viewpoints that are used to inform, formulate opinions and present viable resources within our community.


By doing this, we take pleasure in the use of our first amendment right . . .freedom of speech. . . right at your fingertips!




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